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Cops and Kids Golf Tournament

Tournament Rescheduled to Monday, August 11th

Each year our lodge spends around $30,000 during Christmas at our annual Cops and Kids Shopping Event for children in need. The money spent does not appear out of thin air. Each year we sponsor a golf tournament which is the main source of income for the shopping event. This year our golf tournament is scheduled for Monday, August 11th at Brookstone Country Club. Cost is $125 p/player with max of 120 players. Complete Details including paying registration fee's via our Paypal Account.

Our FOP Charities Inc., sponsor of this tournament is a tax deductible, not for profit, 501(c)(3) organization.

Welcome to the Lodge #13 website. We are one of the larger lodges in Georgia. Our current leadership continues the tradition of watching out for the member's interests and in giving back to the community we serve. Lodge #13 maintains funding to provide professional legal assistance to any member involved in an on duty deadly force incident or administrative action.

The Lodge is active in supporting our community. Visitors to our site can view our activities by clicking on the "Community Outreach" link on the left. Our biggest program continues to be the "Cops n Kids" (formerly known as Shop With A Cop) event each December with $30,000+ spent on the 2013 effort. Lodge #13 continues to be in the forefront of growth and activity and is a proud member of the greatest law enforcement organization in America, the Fraternal Order of Police.