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Kermit Sanders Lodge 13

2020 Community Programs

Total Funds Committed to Our Community Programs during 2020 was approximately $ 32,570

Members voted $300 to sponsor the Cobb Explorer Post. (March 2020)

Members sponsored ($500) the Blue Knights Motorcycle Ride on (April 2020)

Members voted to $600 to the Ga State FOP Foundation in support of Atlanta Officers (July 2020)

Members voted $550 to a Cobb PD Officer who has serious medical issues (July 2020)

Members voted $300 to sponsor the Lassiter H.S. Volleyball Team (August 2020)

Members voted $300 to the Cobb Republican Women’s Club to sponsor meals for public safety officers at local departments. (October 2020)

Back to School Supplies (December 2020) - spent $760 on school supplies to distribute to our schools. Due to Covid restrictions we were limited on how much we could do at this time.

We provided school supplies to each of the listed schools:

  • R.M Moore Elementary, Hasty Elementary, Woodstock Elementary, Johnston Elementary, Arnold Mill Elementary and Bascomb Carmel Elementary in Cherokee County.

  • Hiram Elementary, Baggett Elementary, Nebo Elementary, Dugan Elementary, Dallas Elementary and New Georgia Elementary in Paulding County.

  • North Douglas Elementary, Burnett Elementary, Annette Winn Elementary and Sweetwater Elementary in Douglas County.

  • Austell Elementary, Dowell Elementary, Compton Elementary, City View Elementary, Bryant Elementary, Clay Harmony Elementary, Milford Elementary Powders Springs Elementary in Cobb County


Thanksgiving & Christmas Food Distributions (November 2020 - $5,000)

This year we had some challenges due to the ongoing pandemic and schools returning to in person learning starting the middle of October. Instead of the traditional food bags to each school we bought single serving items in bulk quantity to drop off at schools to help fill their food pantry. This year food was distributed to elementary schools in Cherokee, Cobb, Douglas and Paulding Co.

  • Cherokee County - Arnold Mill Elementary, Johnston Elementary, Woodstock Elementary, Oak Grove Elementary, Hasty Elementary and R.M. Moore Elementary.

  • Cobb County – Austell Elementary, Clay Elementary, East Cobb Middle School, Mableton Elementary and Milford Elementary.

  • Douglas County – Annette Winn Elementary, Beulah Elementary, Lithia Springs Elementary, Sweetwater Elementary, Eastside Elementary and North Douglas Elementary.

  • Paulding County - Nebo Elementary, Baggett Elementary, Hiram Elementary, Dugan Elementary, Dallas Elementary and New Georgia Elementary.


Thanksgiving & Christmas Food Sponsor (November & December 2020 - $1,000 spent) - Lodge 13 joined forces with Sweetwater Mission in Austell to provide a Thanksgiving & Christmas meal to 100 needy families in Cobb & Douglas County. In addition to a Turkey these families will also get one weeks’ worth of groceries as part of the “Let’s Talk Turkeys” program.

Afternoon with Santa – sponsored a Day with Santa at the Lodge and served Public Safety Children with crafts and pictures with Santa, hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks and a marshmallow roast. Total spent was $660 December 13, 2020

FOP Cops & Kids Shopping Program - This year we were not able to take any kids shopping due to Covid restrictions. So we purchased gift cards and distributed them to kids and families in need in place of our shopping program. We worked through school counselors and impacted 17 different elementary schools this year. We bought gift cards in denominations of $50 & $100 from Target, Walmart and Kroger. These cards were distributed as needs were identified. Overall families with a total of 249 school children from our designated schools received the gift cards. A total of $18,000 was spent on this part of the program. (December 2020)

FOP Cops & Kids Program - Our program provided 32 $50 gift cards to the children at Calvary Children's Home. $1,600 was spent on the kids. (December 2020)

FOP Cops & Kids Program – We provided a $2,000 sponsorship to the SWAT Santa Program through the Cobb Co. Community Affairs Unit for Officers/Deputies families. (December 2020)


FOP Cops & Kids Program – We provided $1,000 to Cobb Senior Services to provide 200 meals to Senior Citizens in need during the holidays. (December 2020)


Thank You - In closing out 2020 we owe a huge thank you to all of our sponsors and donors who made our children’s events possible with a special thank you to Leslie Newlander and her continued sponsorship of our shopping events.

Community Outreach

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