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All members have a small life insurance policy provided by our lodge as part of your yearly dues.  All members should keep their beneficiary form up-to-date. This is the form the lodge secretary/treasurer will use to submit for payment should the member pass away. Failure to update your beneficiary records with accurate information can result in the slow payment of benefits to your estate.

All 2024 member dues are now past due:  Active - $100 + $32 late fee ($132) or Retired - $40 + $32 late fee ($72). (online or via mail).  If paying online, you will be charged a $4 convenience fee.  The definition of retired is you are no longer actively employed in a Law Enforcement capacity.

The cost of new members to join Lodge 13 is Active - $100 or Retired - $40. (online or via mail).  This payment will cover the balance of your 2023 dues and will also include your 2024 dues.  If paying online, you will be charged a $4 convenience fee.  New members once accepted will be paid up through 12/31/2024.

If paying by check please make out to “Lodge 13” and mail to Lodge 13, PO Box 360, Marietta Ga. 30061. You only need to send a membership/beneficiary form with payment if you are joining for the first time or our current members personal information has changed.

If joining the lodge for the first time or renewing your membership online, please select the appropriate drop-down to make your payment. You may pay via PayPal or credit card. Follow the instructions to complete the payment process.

Associate Memberships

Lodge 13 is now accepting Associate Membership applications from POST Certified Public Safety Personnel.  This will include Jail Certified Officers, 911 Dispatchers and Crime Scene Technicians.  Cost is $50 + $4 convenience fee if paying online.  An Associate Membership will allow each of these employee’s to apply for coverage in the FOP Legal Defense Plan.  Employee’s in these three categories must include a copy of their department identification when submitting an application.

Download Application/Beneficiary Form

(New Members, we must receive your dues payment & application before you can join our lodge.)

Legal Defense Plan

You must join Lodge 13 before you can join the FOP's Legal Defense Plan. Joining means pay fees and mail / email the application, which can be downloaded from the link above. All new members have to be voted into the lodge by current members (typically on the first Wednesday of each month) before your membership becomes official.

New FOP Lodge 65

All officers/deputies who serve with departments in Bartow, Cherokee or Pickens Counties are now being referred to the new Officer Joe Burson Lodge 65 FOP to join.  Please contact  Lodge President Frank James for joining information.

Info. & Payment to Legal Defense Plan

Cipolla Insurance

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